Masz dość ciągłego bycia na diecie?
Nie wiesz, jak skutecznie zmienić styl życia?
Nie wiesz, jak zmienić jadłospis na zdrowszy, nie stawiając na głowie całej kuchni?
Chcesz ćwiczyć, ale nie wydać fortuny?
Wielokrotnie próbowałeś, ale nic z tego nie wyszło?
Schudnij bez liczenia kalorii i katorżniczych treningów. Jako trener personalny "uszyję” dla Ciebie plan na miarę!
Indywidualny plan podstawowy online – 150zł za miesiąc*
*więcej w zakładce cennik

Meet and love each other, like quick-cooking, get motivated, learn and weight loss.

Change your figure, change your life forever!

Achieve success. Check for yourself, what is a diet coaching and start the process of change.

Design your body exercise with me, coach, HR person or care order online!

 It is up to you to decide where and how far you want to go. I will accompany you on this journey, to assist and ensure that you do not feel alone in the process of change.

You lack the motivation to workout?
You want to make a difference in your life?
Looking for a way to achieve the balance between soul and body?
Together with me you can find your way to the joys of life, happiness and harmony.
Motivation, personal development and healthy physical development, achieving customer satisfaction and life success-it is within your reach.
Helping in recreation. I'm a coach self development-companions on the way to success. Run individual sessions and group.
Do not wait. Act-contact me.
I'm a professional coach, experienced maratonką and triathlonistką.

Select a plan customized for you!

Price: 200 PLN *

* more under Pricelist

  • helping you determine the purpose and definition of the way to achieve it
  • I put an individual exercise plan after thorough consultation
  • offer your care and support training (online)
  • weekly progress report of course examine how
  • I am evaluating weekly menu
  • impart training tips and dietary
  • personal care dietitian (easy and delicious rules)
  •  as a coach i am motywuję friend on your way to success

This plan is for you if:

  • need motivation and expert support
  • you want to deepen your knowledge of nutrition
  • you want to change your diet and lifestyle
  • need inspiration for cooking and exercise
  •  you know that to achieve something, you have to earn it


How does it work?




From the first email we stay in touch. Podsyłam plans and itinerary of the diet, I am at the disposal of any doubts.



My tips, your suggestions and your own work using my support. Needed materials you have on hand and you can freely use them.



Once a week I send an individual action plan. Once a week does exactly supplemented diet and activity report, leaving it for analysis and follow-up.



Already after a month you will begin to notice a change and you feel the first results. Achieve your objective!

Who am I?

From an early age was associated with various activities. In elementary school I gained diplomas in athletics, and I was in the school handball team girly and retina. koszulka_TygrysI practised a martial arts and dance. My passion was bike MTB, and he helped me maintain form after knee paskudnej. The bike was my mechanical friend.

I was a supervisor at a school bike wheel has traveled as a tutor and guardian for bike tours in Poland and abroad. In the meantime, your knowledge pogłębiałam also in the field of nutrition, proper diet and calorie needs. In addition had aerobics and swimming. So I continued not its activity also in pregnancy. For the 4th month of pregnancy I attended conferences at the gym, and then later and I walked the lot. Athletic activity, I started again after 2 months from the birth of his son. Then, too, started my speed adventure that still continues.

Running never came easy to me and I thought, that this is not a sport for me. Not so, and since then many przebiegłam tens of thousands of miles away, I have a dozen półmaratonów and a few marathons.

In 2011 I've discovered triathlon and he became for me a staple in everyday life. I learned how to combine single motherhood with full-time work and comprehensive training. Put in front of you goals and small steps them opposite was happening to me. I came several times on the podium in both cross-country skiing and triathlonowym.

In 2014 spełniłam her dream-after 8 months of exhaustive training, I stood in Norway, beating distance a half-ironman (1.2 km swim, 90.1 km bicycle ride, 21.1 km course) at the Ironman 70.3 Haugesund Norway. Sport introduced a law and order and a great harmony and peace into my life. Thanks to not only receive a healthy figure, nieprzejmowanie (too specific) diet, but also utwierdziłam in esteem, and that everything is possible. Being the head coach of the personal I would like to share your experiences, advice and carry out support and assistance in the implementation of the plans.

I put the plans, advise on healthy eating (also a vegan and vegetarian cuisine trends), instruuję as for the grown sports. Rozpisuję training plans. And some of the thoughts I shared on the blog She TRI trains and on Facebook FITinstruktor, Coaching, personal trainer, diet

I am the editor of the Web portal, journalist, tri-certified coach. And-above all-the mother of three children.

This week I'm also associated with individual coaching sessions (life coaching, career coaching), business coaching, corporate coaching, training/coaching workshops.


I am writing to:


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