Each pregnancy is different-that there is no one truth, the principles and the rules of procedure

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Each pregnancy is different-that there is no one truth, the principles and the rules of procedure

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About the pregnancy, he returned to me two years ago, when, after a nearly eight-year break, it turned out that my Son will join his sister. I was able to convince the truthfulness of the words that every pregnancy is different and is totally different from the previous one.

Text lay some time "on the shelf" in sketches, was waiting for this MOMENT, but somehow it was not the way. May be I was afraid that it would be too cynical and sharp, because I lived through dilemmas second pregnancy a lot worse than the first time.

Pregnancy-joy or sadness?

In most cases, the appearance of two lines on the test gestational is cause for joy and an opportunity to be proud of, that will be a parent. I know many couples who try to have a child more than a dozen and dozens of months, sometimes without success. For the most part, however, a lot of friends I par their courtship to this magic moment of pregnancy. Emanating joy, real happiness and the publication of the world with every step that the family grow-who has babies, knows that this is in a way a spontaneous and natural. Especially, when eagerly waits for a new Member of the family.

What, then, to those who do not fully able to come to terms with the change, which starts with the arrival of two dashes on the age test?

First pregnancy-son

My first time it was pure euphoria. I had to hold back, right away not to run to the store and do not start buying the various children's clothing and accessories. A veritable frenzy of motherhood! Also pregnancy proceeded calmly, asymptomatic and totally actively-gym, swimming pool, biking, walking, slow jogging, long trips and tours of the country. No nausea, hug the toilet bowl in the morning, any whim and controlled weight gain. Maternity clothes I could begin to carry about 6 month, because previously only have been waiting on me, jumped out at the beginning of the 7 month and began to slowly grow.  And at the end of pregnancy, perhaps with a small feeling of being słonicą, because the deadline for fall at the end of the summer and it was hot. But Yes-only recommend every woman such pass 40 weeks. I gained the recommended 16 kilograms.

Second pregnancy-daughter

My second time was a total opposite. The decision, two strokes on the test and … all of a sudden collapse, wipe, discord and depression. Life is over and already! My ego is not able to bear this, that the body begins to pass changes that I stopped to be a stand-alone unit that worked so hard on the achievements. A "career"? And the work, sport, a passion, a hobby, comfort …?! After two weeks, make sure that Yes, I am a parent, touched me a curse. I can not run (read: so far, which is an average of roztrenowaniu 50-60 km per week)-the doctor forbade a large effort, and the season start was finally cut off. Then future masakryczne sickness, which were not only wyrzygiem in the morning to the ear, and the daily drudgery, until I was able to sleep. It remained me a bicycle, because-due to the huge sensitivity to scents-in General, at the beginning they were eliminated. And the bike got me so, or rather somehow itself I settled on that zafundowane was me monthly sinusitis, which I do not recommend to anyone. Cut off from the activity, the inability to make any reasonable (at that time) of the decision, depressed and in black despair-that I was. Tyłam on power. In the third month of pregnancy almost I cried, as I had to go to the second floor. Coma I could collapse on standing.

A bit of light from the life I have gotten in the fourth month, when another resident disease, nausea stopped, and I got a temporary boost of energy. This magical moment uczciłam back to the pool, unfortunately, not enjoying it too long. I got an allergy, dandruff Gilbert (as diagnosed the doctor), I had to stop the chlorinated bath. Dotleniałam to nordic walking, but the weather quickly verified my moods and plans, the period of colds to stepped up and good ugrzęzłam in the House. Next it was a slippery slope. Abdomen grew, I growing up and I started suffering from insomnia. Then the overweight (I gained 30 kilograms), and gestational diabetes. And the swelling and water retention.

Other we have practice-and I do not

In my dark time I could watch other sports we have that oświadczały, that will have offspring, will be active and carry out your plan. Photos on Facebook, instagram, descriptions on blogs, how to be active in pregnancy. Exercises, running, yoga, and other such projects. This healthy and rational kitchen, full of happiness and never once no one zająknął that he was sick, that water closet was the closest confidant for 12 weeks, and recently purchased a lace-up shoes do not want to press on the swollen legs, nor the same tie, because the abdomen does not allow. And no not przytyła as much as I!

Fit-mama-pregnancy and exercise?

I realized that I will wait. I'll wait and read, I'll see what will continue to happen on sports profiles I have. Later, he was running after the recovery of form-first come, first served! The madness. Itself also a bit in it, but I always push myself away to the principle that if I feel that I don't have to, give up.  Time passed, another sports we have overlap in pregnancy and the trend of being fit, slim, sporty, active-does not diminish. I have not seen anywhere of the dark side of pregnant State, no one said, that is an incubator that has a small parasite and that generally is a no, no, no and again no! Running shoes and LEA! Weights, mata and heja for training. And where the peace, rest, forgiveness, because: I do not want to? Weather, non-weather-training has to be. Are you sure?

Dear readers, the future we have!

Do not get carried away by the wave of excitement and being slim, constantly on the move, athletic, and in General most, most pregnant. First of all, remember that each of us is different, built the essence, which may react totally differently to what happens in our body during the 9 months of pregnancy. Listen to yourself and your body. If you don't want to move anywhere else, because the window is gray, buro, gloomy, rain, Frost and the whole world go out-it's not Armageddon. So far miałyście the opportunity to show up-yourself, family, and the world-that you can run at + 30 degrees heat and-20 degrees of frost in half a metre of snow. For now the tamed were torrential rain and storms, getting up at dawn, or running after dark. But at this point anything to anyone you do not have to prove and show.

Pregnant, listen to your body

Listen to please yourself and your body, and this being, that develops in the body-and not the promptings of ambition, ego and pisemek/entries. Then you should consult your doctor who will test required, would vote for the intensity of the effort and probably will recommend great caution. Remember, not to start with practice, if not did before, only in pregnancy. You can try, but with very low intensity and effort. You need to know the moderation. If we feel great-there are no obstacles, we assume the running shoes and get to work! Of course, that the movement is healthy both for mother and child. Helps you first of all to maintain proper body weight in pregnancy. Affects a soothing effect during pregnancy on roses minor ailments, calms and oxygenates the mother and her unborn child. Pregnant traffic improves mood.

That is until and only 9 months

However, if you're not adventurous, even though the current heavily active lifestyle-it's strength, because it does not make sense. After the birth of a child and the transition phase of the puerperium (six weeks), it's time to slowly get back to form. Remember that the period of 9 months for women is a huge physical and psychological changes. Full body presents under the influence of hormones and directing them to give birth to a healthy baby. That is until and only 9 months, 40 weeks (plus 6 on puerperium), from the entire period that you have for each other, but-above all-in front of you. Is a tiny fraction of what you give of yourself and you can indulge (within reason, but who pregnant prohibits eat ice cream at 2 am, or Sin, herring, cucumber kiszonymi, with buttermilk, coca-cola and spicy bite hamburger?). The body does not forget the workouts that were previously made, only slightly different approaches to the issue of a return to "full fitness".

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