Anita and her success

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Anita and her success

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May last not I write here too much. The faster you can see something new on the Facebook profile, but I was and still am working.

Are charges, which I help on their way to your dream to from 2015. When you reach the expected point on its path, after a while again knocking on me and say, ' listen, I would like to go further, try the next step. I would like to do more, because I know I can!

A new person who looked at my actions and listened to stories about the rational nutrition and exercise, is Anita. Mom of two children, 10 and 6 year olds, who works full time. Oczytana in all the diets, frustrated that it never goes out.

Read what Anita thinks about our partnership:

My cooperation with Veronique began in March. My dream was a closeted classics have 50 kg and the figure of the teen. Maybe it's midlife crisis (this year I have 40 years) or just do something for himself-only for himself. I tried, like most of you, miracle pills and drugs that do not give any completely to no avail. So I decided to take on seriously for "weight loss" and I chose just Veronica.

Anyone have asked why She?

Once at the beginning I will mention that the "diet" it is placed for each individually is available for our portfolio and is not drastic. Not wondering "what is" and where you can buy it. Simply use what we have in the House. I'm with Veronique third month my weight may not go down, somehow, stunningly, because just 2 kg, but "I" one size, hip zleciały4 cm, waist 8 cm, thigh 2.5 cm.

It is a kick to further action. All is not lost, it is long-lasting and painstaking work, which for sure will in the future. On Our weight we worked after a few years. Not one of us is after pregnancy, perhaps two, our metabolism no longer works as it used to be, but we'll give the Council.

As each of us had a crisis, a moment of doubt. Sometimes something zjadałam, which was not allowed, but we want to feel better for ourselves, not away journalists, not for your husband or boyfriend, but for us.

Also the chin up and keep for you all and for themselves also crossed. With the coach, as Veronica, the date of the Council.

Good luck!

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